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Dogs are amazing

So long pet odors, hello fragrance.

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How Aera works

Neutralizes pet odors with the DeodEclyx fragrance technology.
Pawprint Hypoallergenic and safe for you & your pets
Surround-scent technology: subtle but impressively effective.
Odor protection when you need it Continuous odor elimination, always noticable

What others are saying

Spoiler: they love it
5 star review
"Impressed with its ability to keep my home smelling consistently good. (With 5 pets that's no small feat!)"
Design Crush
5 star review
"Gone are the days of quickly lighting candles before people come over."
5 star review
"I love my Lucy but I'd rather my home smelled less like dog and more fresh & pretty"

Benefits of Aera

There's like, at least a dozen.
Exasperated cat with kitten This is private, please avert your eyes.