The revolutionary Aera Diffuser neutralizes even the most stubborn pet odors, creating a fresh & welcoming home for you, your guests and, of course...your pets.

Room smelled like dogs before Aera arrived

Remove pet smells and refresh your home

Continuous odor elimination, always noticable

Longer-lasting than sprays & other products

Hypoallergenic and safe for you & your pets

The real power of scent

Beautiful scents created by master perfumers and our state of the art technology will transform your home. You'll love how your home feels, clean and refreshed.

Dog on a floor
"Impressed with its ability to keep my home smelling consistently good. (With 5 pets that's no small feat!)"
Design Crush
"I have a confession to home doesn’t always smell the freshest. For starters, having a tiny zoo in a tiny house doesn’t help. Gone are the days of quickly lighting candles before people come over."
"I love my Lucy but I'd rather my home smelled less like dog and more fresh & pretty"

Try Aera Risk Free

We're so certain you'll love Aera, we have a 60-day money back guarantee.