Sleigh Ride Mini

Notes of Fresh Snow and Fir

Limited Edition

Dashing through the invigorating air of a bright winter’s morning. Fresh snow, freesia and cedarwood conjure majestic firs standing quietly against fresh snow drifts in a magical winter wonderland.

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“Imagine the snow has just fallen last night in a delicate and silent way. You first open the window and are greeted only by soft light, purity, bliss, and the breeze from majestic firs smiling into the blue sky.”

- Christophe Laudamiel, Master Perfumer



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Our perfumers use only safe and ethically responsible ingredients of the highest quality to craft our home fragrances. To this end they use a combination of man-made molecules and botanicals, also known as essential oils. All our fragrances are cruelty-free, vegan and sustainably sourced.

Sleigh Ride Mini Ingredients


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