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Damask Rose

Damask Rose





Ingredient Aroma Source
D-limonene SCENT: Citrus, orange, fresh, sweet Botanical
Linalool SCENT: Citrus Botanical
alpha-Pinene SCENT: Woody, pine Botanical
Geraniol SCENT: Sweet, floral, fruit Botanical
Eucalyptol SCENT: Eucalyptus Botanical
Alpha-farnesene SCENT: Citrus, herbal, lavender, bergamot Botanical
Geranyl Acetate SCENT: Floral, rose, lavender Botanical
Benzyl Acetate SCENT: Fruity, jasmine, floral Botanical
Beta-Caryophyllene SCENT: Woody, spice, clove Botanical
Beta-pinene SCENT: Woody, pine, hay Botanical
Para-Methyl Anisole SCENT: Sweet, vanilla, cedar Botanical
Geranial SCENT: Citrus, lemon Botanical
Beta-Myrcene SCENT: Peppery, terpene, spicy, balsam Botanical
Benzyl Benzoate SCENT: Sweet, balsam, herbal Botanical
l-Citronellol SCENT: Floral, rose, waxy Botanical
Neral SCENT: Sweet, citral, lemon peel Botanical
3-Carene SCENT: Citrus, fir Botanical
G-terpinene SCENT: Sweet, citrus, tropical Botanical
Methyl Benzoate SCENT: Wintergreen, almond, floral Botanical
Limonene SCENT: Citrus, herbal, terpene, camphor Botanical
Terpinen-04-ol SCENT: Pepper, woody, earthy Botanical
Vanillin SCENT: Sweet, vanilla, creamy, chocolate Botanical
Benzyl Salicylate SCENT: Balsamic Botanical
Phenethyl alcohol SCENT: Floral, rose Botanical
Cinnamyl Acetate SCENT: Sweet, floral, spicy, balsam, cinnamon Botanical
Alpha-Terpineol SCENT: Pine, terpene, lilac, citrus, woody, floral Botanical
Para-Cymene SCENT: Fresh, citrus, terpene, woody, spice Botanical
Glycerides mixed Decanoyl and Octanoyl Helps dissolve other items. Botanical
Basil Oil SCENT: Herbal, green, leafy, sweet, woody Botanical
Bergamot Peel Oil SCENT: Bergamot, citrus Botanical
Cajaput Oil SCENT: Sweet, fresh, herbal, rosemary, eucalyptus Botanical
Roman Camomile Flower Oil SCENT: Chamomile, green, herbal Botanical
Cardamom Seed Oil SCENT: Floral, spicy, honey Botanical
Cupressus Pyramidalis Cone Oil Egypt SCENT: Balsamic, cypress Botanical
Fennel Seed Oleoresin SCENT: Fennel, anise Botanical
Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense) Oil SCENT: Frankincense Botanical
Galbanum Oil SCENT: Fresh, green, earthy, woody Botanical
Geranium Oil SCENT: Floral, green, spicy Botanical
Jasmine Flower Extract SCENT: Jasmine Botanical
Juniperus Communis (Juniper) Fruit Oil SCENT: Juniper, woody Botanical
Lemon Oil SCENT: Fresh, citrus, lemon Botanical
Lemongrass Leaf Oil Egypt SCENT: Lemongrass, citrus Botanical
Bitter Orange Flower Oil SCENT: Sweet, floral, orangeflower, petitgrain Botanical
Sweet Orange Peel Oil SCENT: Orange, juicy, sweet Botanical
Palmarosa Herb Extract SCENT: Palmarosa Botanical
Rose Flower Oil SCENT: Floral, rose, spicy, waxy Botanical
Vanillla Fruit Extract SCENT: Sweet vanilla been, toffee Botanical
Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil SCENT: Floral, ylang ylang Botanical

Blended exclusively for Aera’s Blends For Positive Change by Aromatherapy Associates London.

Pioneers of aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Associates London, were some of the first to study the benefits of pure essential oils. Their 30 years of experience creating exacting blends have made them the go-to for those serious about health and well-being. Found in homes and luxury spas around the world, they are now the exclusive aromatherapy brand for Aera.

Aroma is therapy
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Surround yourself with positivity whenever possible! Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction for your whole day to turn around for the better.

Scheduling Tip

Set your intention before you’re even awake. Program Optimism to start playing 15 minutes before your usual wake time to start things off happy.

Aroma is therapy
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