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  • How big of a room will Aera scent?

    Aera uses the airflow in a room to evenly circulate super tiny scent molecules. How large an area will vary depending on ceiling height, whether there are partitions or other impediments to air circulation, and the natural airflow in a room. But in general, placed correctly, one Aera will scent a room with an open floor plan and average ceiling height of 12 feet between 500-1000 sq. ft.

  • Is Aera battery operated?

    Aera's powerful Microdroplet Technology requires a power outlet.

  • How long do Aera capsules last?

    Fragrance capsules lasts on average 800 hrs. and aromatherapy capsules 500 hrs. This is based on playing the capsules at a setting of 5 and can vary a little by fragrance.

  • Can I use my own oils?

    Aera works exclusively with Aera capsules. Capsules are not refillable.

  • How is Aera cleaner and safer than scented candles?

    Scented candles diffuse fragrance by burning the fragrance oil. Combustion ranges from 75%-90% which leaves the rest to go off as soot which is not safe for continuous inhalation and leaves residues on surfaces.

  • Can I change fragrances?

    Yes! Switch them as often as your mood dictates. Aera's press and play capsules make it easy and instantaneous to change the scent in a room.

  • Do you have a subscription program?

    Yes, we do! You can save 10% on all of our fragrances and aromatherapy blends delivered automatically on your schedule. Learn more at Aera Subscriptions.

  • What is this famed Microdroplet Technology?

    Glad you asked! Aera's Microdroplet technology converts liquids to ultra-tiny droplets which are fifty times smaller than traditional aerosol droplets. They transition instantly to invisible aroma molecules which can fill a room in seconds with consistent scent. It's a cleaner, safer and more immersive way to scent your home.

  • How is Aera different from other diffusers?

    Aera is the only diffuser with Microdroplet Technology which creates a cleaner, safer and more immersive scent experience. Aera is easily adjustable to control the scent strength depending on the size of your space and personal preference. And with Aera Smart, fragrances can even be programmed to play automatically on a schedule!

  • What's in Aera fragrances?

    100% sustainable essentials oils plus safe synthetics. We are proud to be transparent with regards to our ingredients.

  • Will Aera leave oil residue on surfaces?

    No. Aera’s patented Microdroplet Technology creates no harmful VOCs and leaves no residues on surfaces.

  • Are Aera fragrances made with essential oils?

    Yes! We use high-quality essential oils in our fragrances. Pure, safe synthetics are also used when an essential oil is known to be allergenic, unsustainable, or has not received safety clearance from IFRA (international Fragrance Association).

  • Does Aera use harmful chemicals in their fragrances?

    No. We voluntarily adhere to and even surpass strict health and ecological restrictions. All fragrance ingredients are approved by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and are compliant with the safety standards for continuous inhalation 8 hrs. a day/7 days a week for a natural lifetime. We are also 100% transparent with what we use in our fragrances. Find complete ingredient lists here.

  • Is Aera safe for family and pets?

    Yes. Used as directed, Aera's scent effect is hypoallergenic, free of harmful VOCs and leaves no residue on surfaces.

  • Does Aera come with a fragrance capsule?

    Capsules are sold separately and play on average 800 hrs.—for our fragrance capsules — and 500 hrs. –for our aromatherapy capsules.

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