Which Aera diffuser is right for you?

Which Aera diffuser is right for you?

$ 99 $ 129
manual control

Aera’s home fragrance diffuser. Includes 3 trial size fragrances.                                                     

Home fragrance diffuser with three carefully crafted fragrance capsules of woody, fresh, and floral scents. Straightforward, manual controls allow you to easily and consistently scent rooms of any size.

Includes three trial size (5mL) fragrance capsules.

Due to overwhelming demand - Touch Diffusers will ship November 27th.

$ 179 $ 199
smartphone & manual control

Aera's smart home fragrance diffuser. Includes your choice of one long-lasting fragrance. Control anytime, anywhere with the Aeraforhome app.

Fully-connected smart fragrance diffuser with one carefully crafted fragrance, Control home scenting anytime, from anywhere with the AeraForHome app. 

Includes one long-lasting (25mL) fragrance.