The Story of Us

An estimated 25,000,000 people a day experience a space scented by Prolitec. We are the global leader in creating beautiful fragrance experiences in public places: hotels, stores, malls, commercial buildings, airports, train stations, and theaters.

We serve commercial clients in 80 countries who use fragrance as a key element in the design of their interior space(s). They rely on Prolitec scenting to help sell a product, promote a brand, erase an odor, and simply to create a fabulous scent experience for their customers.

This is not simple to do. It requires advanced technology and the best in fragrances. This is our specialty.

Who are we? We are perfumers, designers, engineers, marketers, technologists, and media people. We are committed to the knowledge that scent is a medium of communication every bit as powerful as audio and video and more memorable than both.

We set out to reinvent the way that scent is used in the home, to make it simple to create an exquisite scent experience in any room. We leveraged our successful commercial technology to fit the home environment creating the highest performance scent delivery system in the home scenting world. We worked with top perfumers to create the finest fragrances and we added the latest Smartphone technology as an option for unprecedented control of the scent effect in multiple machines and multiple rooms in your home.

We believe and hope you will agree that we have succeeded.


Home scenting reinvented.

Our Team
Richard Weening

As Chairman and CEO of Prolitec, Richard heads the company's leadership team. He was a pioneer in the emerging ambient scenting industry where Prolitec is now a leader and brings that expertise to the home scenting category with Aera.

Sandra Barvaux

As the owner of the Aera brand, Sandra provides strategic direction and brand development leadership. Her interest in the home fragrance market started as a Brand Manager at Reckitt Benckiser where she launched the first Airwick Liquid Electrical, as well as candles and decorative gels.

Matt Ansley

Matt is responsible for developing new products and continually improving the most advanced scent distribution technology in the world. He also oversees product quality and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining Prolitec, he worked for Motorola Mobility, developing handheld wireless devices and accessories.