How Scents Make Your Holidays Merrier

How Scents Make Your Holidays Merrier

December 14, 2018


When we think of the holiday season, the first few things that come our mind are: Family, Food, and Fragrance. There's nothing that evokes a memory quite like the smell that you associate with it — especially during the holidays. 

Often times, your favorite holiday scents are connected to your favorite traditions – the smell of cinnamon from your mother’s famous Snickerdoodle cookies, or the scent of pine from cutting down your annual Christmas tree in the woods. These smells are guaranteed to bring you instant nostalgia, and there is a reason why:

“Our brain processes smells by using something called the “olfactory bulb,” a neural structure that stretches from our nose to the bottom of our brain. The olfactory bulb has direct connections to two brain areas that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory” according to the New York-based magazine Psychology Today. “Those areas are known as the amygdala and the hippocampus, and they work together to help us process and store emotional memories.” (1)

A smell can bypass the conscious mind to elicit memories and strong emotions unconsciously. It can reach back in time to immediately bring back some of the oldest, and most nostalgic, memories from our childhoods. In fact, research indicates that odor evoked memories can be experienced as more emotional than memories elicited by other senses. That means they have an even bigger impact than the sound of Jingle Bells or the sight of those cheery Christmas lights.

Nostalgia makes us feel good. We watch the same holiday movies every year and continue family traditions because of this. As humans, we want to remember and relive good times from our past. Our Hygge Holiday Collection will do just that. These three limited edition scents have iconic holiday notes that will be sure to conjure up joyful memories:

Hygge Holiday Gift Set

Kith and Kin: A cheery scent which conjures a lively gathering of friends and family around a holiday table with notes of Orange Zest, Holiday Spices and Soft Wood.

Woven Hearts: Addictive Tahitian vanilla and warm spiced rum evokes the warmth of snuggling up to the sounds of the hearth and conversation. Notes of sweet vanilla, spiced rum and soft wood.

Winter Light: Inspired by the peace found in nature. An invigoratingly fresh scent reminiscent of an early morning walk through the pines with notes of Noble Fir, White Freesia and Cedarwood.

The Hygge Holiday Collection Gift Set makes a unique, and memorable gift for anyone on your list. This boxed set includes all three limited edition Hygge Holiday Fragrances, packaged together for you to enjoy at your whim or give as a gift. 

Not only will these scents make your holidays merrier, but they will also help you feel better. Studies show that vanilla, citrus and pine all have calming effects and help reduce stress levels and anxiety. So, let’s make it the happiest, healthiest and hygge holiday season yet! 

Hurry - be sure to order by December 16 for guaranteed Christmas delivery and 20% OFF! 

What are your favorite holiday scents and memories attached to them? Let us know in the comments!