The real power of scent

Gorgeous scents everywhere.  A dance of master perfumers and state of the art technology, transforms your home. You’ll love how your home feels.

Vanilla imagery

Simple. Happy. Home.

Our new collection will transport you. Summertime in full bloom, a cabin nestled in deep woods, spa day bliss.

This is the Simplicity Collection.
Tell your story.

"For the Simplicity collection, I wanted to source elements that are pure, lovable, and familiar — ingredients that capture the understated sensuality of nature."

Master Perfumer
Christophe Laudamiel

The Magic of Aera

Aera allows the perfumer to paint with a full palette of ingredients. And unlike other ways of scenting, it doesn’t fade or change. It remains true over time and throughout a space.  Simple and transformative.

Aera Technology generates micro droplets

The magic of Aera lies in the size of the tiny fragrance droplet it creates.

"For a scent to be enjoyed as an olfactive journey, all of the elements in the fragrance must work in unison. With Aera, each scent is evenly diffused to immerse you in an interplay of textures, sensations, and feelings."

Fragrance Designer
Raymond Matts