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GOOD Riddance Pet Odor

Cedarwood, Green Apple & Maritime Pine
4.8  (526)


Suede & Violet Leaves
4.8  (299)


Crisp Apple & Cedarwood
4.7  (138)


Sweet Balsam, Cedar & Redwood
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Palo Santo

Juniper & Smoked Woods


Balsam & Oud

Feu de Bois

Smoky Embers & Driftwood

Forest Therapy

Pink Pepper, Cypress & Ho Wood Essential Oils

Notes derived from wood components such as trees, roots, resins, moss, and certain leaves and grasses with earthy aspects characterize woody fragrances. Woody notes are deep and warm, and because of their aromatic weight, they are frequently used as the basis of a perfume. They are usually coupled with aromatic, citrus, or soft floral top notes. Explore our woody fragrance family today, made with the finest fragrance oils.