The Subtle Art of Romance

The Subtle Art of Romance

February 1, 2018

Romance is a gentle interplay of emotions and senses.

An evening, with gentle candlelight replacing the glare of day.

Shared food and drink, chosen to surprise and delight.

Soft — yet insistent — music filling the space between intimacies.

A well-banked fire to lend warmth and dancing light.

You see it. You hear it. But something more is needed to complete this imagined scene. Something that takes you back to feelings compellingly deep — even instinctual. Something that has a profound effect on increasing attraction, desire… passion.


Since ancient times, alluring scents have been celebrated. And, scientists have long proclaimed that our sense of smell derives from the “oldest” evolved parts of the brain. Smell is primordial — the very basis of “animal attraction".

At Aera, we’re intensely aware of the power of scent to inspire emotion. While all of our fragrances are designed to increase the enjoyment of your day-to-day living space, certain scents we’ve developed appear to lend a complementary, even arousing note to those special times when romance is literally “in the air.”

Here are our favorite, seductive Aera scents:

Moondance: a tempting balance of bergamot and amber, with a trace of vanilla.

Poetry: a lyrical, sensual dance of eucalyptus, vetiver and guaiac wood.

Indigo:  a cool sea spray on a wooded shore of cedar and sandalwood.