Peace of Mind

Relax with freshening home fragrances made with natural botanicals and fragrance ingredients known to fight bacteria.

3-in-1 Fragrance Ingredients to Be Well

Venn diagram showing equal properties of odor-eliminating, natural botanicals, and wellness-boosting oils

Pure ingredients

Orange Peel
Ingredient Aroma Source
Florial SCENT: Watery, green Safe Synthetic
Oxane® SCENT: Sulfurous, green, galbanum, fruity, tropical Botanical
Ethylene brassylate SCENT: Powdery, sweet, floral, musk Safe Synthetic
Linalool SCENT: Citrus Botanical
Bergamol SCENT: Sweet, green, citrus, bergamot Botanical
1-Hexanol SCENT: Fruity, alcoholic, sweet, green Botanical
Citronellol, dihydro- SCENT: Waxy, soapy, leathery, musty Botanical
Cucumber aldehyde SCENT: Green, fatty, cucumber Botanical
Citral SCENT: Lemon Botanical
Rose Ketone-3 SCENT: Floral, rose, currents Safe Synthetic
Laevo-carvone SCENT: Sweet, spearmint, herbal, minty Botanical
Grapefruit Acetal SCENT: Citrus, grapefruit Safe Synthetic
(Z)-rose oxide SCENT: Green, rose, red, rose, spicy, fresh, geranium Botanical
Eucalyptol SCENT: Eucalyptus Botanical
Citrulan SCENT: Green, leafy Safe Synthetic
Alpha-terpinyl acetate SCENT: Herbal, bergamot, lavender, lime, citrus Botanical
Methyl heptanone SCENT: Herbal, sweet, oily Botanical
Green Leaf Alcohol SCENT: Fresh cut grass, herbal Botanical
Melon Heptenal SCENT: Fresh, melon, sweet, green Botanical
Citronellol SCENT: Floral, leather Botanical
Citronellal SCENT: Sweet, dry, floral, herbal, waxy, citrus Botanical
Iso ananate SCENT: Green, herbal, galbanum, fruity, pineapple, leafy Safe Synthetic
Astrone SCENT: Woody, floral, pine, balsam, violet, Safe Synthetic
Benzaldehyde SCENT: Strong, sharp, bitter, almond, cherry Botanical
Cumin aldehyde SCENT: Spicy, cumin, green, herbal Botanical
Anise aldehyde SCENT: Sweet, powdery, floral, balsamic Botanical
Gardenol SCENT: Green, leafy, gardenia, rhubarb Botanical
L-menthol SCENT: Peppermint, cooling, minty Botanical
Hedione® SCENT: Floral, oily, jasmine, green, tropical, natural Botanical
Fruity cyclopentanone SCENT: Fruity, peach, apricot, jasmine Safe Synthetic
Decanal SCENT: Sweet, waxy, orange, peel, citrus, Botanical
Boisenone SCENT: Woody, ambergris, cedar, old, wood Safe Synthetic
Heptanal (aldehyde C-7) SCENT: Fresh, aldehydic, green Botanical
Hexanal SCENT: Fresh, green, grass, leafy Botanical
Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf oil SCENT: Eucalyptus Botanical
Oils, orange, sweet SCENT: Orange, juicy, sweet Botanical
Clearwood® SCENT: Patchouli Botanical
Oils, spearmint SCENT: Minty, green, cooling, spicy Botanical
Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) SCENT: Mild, camphor Botanical
Isopropyl myristate SCENT: Faint, oily, fatty Botanical

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