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with Optimism & Bliss


Hopefulness & Gentle Renewal

Meet your wellness buddies. Two blends to lift the spirits. Optimism: Bergamot, damask rose and basil essential oils. Promote positivity and uplift the senses. Bliss: Marjoram, ylang-ylang and valerian essential oils. Dissolve into feelings of calm and renewal. 

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L’AVANT Winter Fir


L'AVANT's limited edition Winter Fir evokes all the comforts of the season with subtle notes of cedar, fir, balsam, and sandalwood. An enchanting winter scent with just the right balance of delicate natural fragrance to invigorate the senses.


L'AVANT Fresh Linen


Surround yourself with the luxury of L’AVANT and let the fragrance of your home reflect your distinctive style. The Fresh Linen scent infuses your space with delicate notes of ylang-ylang and bamboo mingled with pure essential oils of soothing lavender and geranium.


Beach House


Escape to the beach. Ocean breezes drift in through open windows. Soft florals mingle with the sea air. Bliss.