Smells Like

Top Notes
Cool Mint, Gresh Green, Watery
Heart Notes
Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Jasmine
Base Notes
Soft Musk
Strength Level

A Boost of Natural Essential Oils

Photo of Mint


Photo of Rosemary


Photo of Cedarwood



MoodBoost™ is fragrance accords (certain combinations of raw fragrance ingredients) shown to activate areas of the brain connected to positive emotions when smelled. Each Wellness fragrances includes an accord proven to promote a particular feeling such as calm or happy. Brain hacks. Facts.

Mint has been proven to be a key ingredient to improve mental clarity and enhance memory. Its refreshing scent is an energy boost for your body and your mind. Our mint oil is sourced from the region of Yakima, Washington state.

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How about one of these?

Beach House Mini

Capsule Mini

Escape to the beach. Ocean breezes drift in through open windows. Soft florals mingle with the sea air. Bliss.

Designed by: Gil Claven, Principal Perfumer


Linen Mini

Capsule Mini

Clean laundry drying on the line. Crisp air, bright citruses and juniper berries frolic with delicate florals. Lively and Refreshing.

Designed by: Sabine De Tscharner, Perfumer


Home Hygiene Linen and Lemon Mini

Capsule Mini

A breath of fresh air full of positive vibes. Clean laundry and citrus notes of lemon and sweet orange are softened with watery notes and lily of the valley.

Designed by: Sabine De Tscharner, Perfumer