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1 TEst Nite for video
2 Enjoy your fragrance for up to 60 days before switching out for a new one! Be sure to subscribe so you never have to go empty.
3 Set a schedule and adjust levels for your Aera device so your spaces smell great all the time

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  • Small/Medium Rooms
  • Medium/Large Rooms
The Aera Mini Diffuser
Best for rooms up to 400 sq ft
The Aera Diffuser
Best for rooms up to 1000 sq ft


We recommend medium to large-sized rooms up to 1,000 sq ft like your living room, kitchen or bedroom. There are ten strength levels to make it less strong.
Yes. When used as directed, Aera's scent effect is hypoallergenic, free of harmful VOCs and leaves no residue on surfaces. As pet owners ourselves, we take the safety of our fragrances very seriously when it comes to our furry and feathered friends.
At a mid-strength setting (5 on Aera and 3 on Aera Mini) playing 10 hours a day, on average, capsules last approximately 60 days. Fragrances may vary and days may vary based on how many hours they are scheduled to play each day. The best way to conserve fragrance and make capsules last is to make sure your Aera or Aera Mini is connected and scheduled to turn off when you are away at work or at night when you are asleep.
We use high-quality essential oils in our fragrances. Pure, safe synthetics are also used when an essential oil is known to be allergenic, unsustainable, or has not received safety clearance from IFRA (International Fragrance Association). We voluntarily adhere to and even surpass strict health and ecological restrictions. All fragrance ingredients are approved by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and are compliant with the safety standards for continuous inhalation 8 hrs. a day/7 days a week for a natural lifetime. We are also 100% transparent with what we use in our fragrances.
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