Revive Mini

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with Juniper Berry, Rosemary & Grapefruit Essential Oils


Energize & Awaken

A powerful revitalizing lift to your environment that brings on the positive vibes, brightens spaces and gets the energy flowing!

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Available for Aera

Pure, Natural & Sustainable

100% pure essential oil blends by Aromatherapy Associates London.

Juniper Berry






Shake lethargy and get the energy flowing at the start (or any time) of the day.




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Amalfi Coast Mini

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Hop on a little red Vespa and zip along Amalfi Drive. Citrus sunshine is everywhere, and the Mediterranean sparkles brilliantly. Stop at a lemon grove in Sorrento, tour the verdant hills, delight in a taste of limoncello and feel every cell smile. Ah – la dolce vita!


Lemon Verbena Mini

Capsule Mini

Vibrant and cheerful, this fresh fragrance shines, amplifying the brightness of natural light to create a sparkling oasis.  Refreshing lemon scented verbena leaves are enhanced with fresh Caribbean lime, rose and jasmine. Wonderfully lively.


Bitter Orange Mini

Capsule Mini

Classic and welcoming, Agraria’s signature scent is a warm, homey embrace. Fresh zest of bitter orange, spicy cloves and a touch of woody cypress is the perfect blend of simplicity and comfort.