Smells Like

Top Notes
Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Orange
Heart Notes
Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom
Base Notes
Strength Level

A Boost of Natural Essential Oils

Photo of Orange

Sweet Orange

Photo of Lemon Wedge


Photo of Lemongrass



MoodBoost™ is fragrance accords (certain combinations of raw fragrance ingredients) shown to activate areas of the brain connected to positive emotions when smelled. Each Wellness fragrances includes an accord proven to promote a particular feeling such as calm or happy. Brain hacks. Facts.

Sweet orange oil stimulates the area of the brain which promotes happiness and encourages an uplifting, motivating feeling. Our sweet orange oil is sourced in Brazil and upcycled from the unused peel remaining from food production.

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A blissful day at the spa. Sparkling lemon and orange with cooling clary sage and mellow cedarwood. Bright and uplifting.

Designed by: Master Perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel


L'AVANT Blushed Bergamot


Add a little sunshine with L’AVANT’s luxurious Blushed Bergamot. Sunny feelings of bright citrus with an earthy edge come through with essences of bergamot, orange blossom, amber, and cedar. The perfect combination of elegance and zesty freshness. 


Home Hygiene Citrus & Sage


The fresh zest of ripe Italian lemons and Persian limes harmoniously blend with cooling clary sage and a touch of verbena to energize your home with sparkling freshness.

Designed by: Master Perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel