Our Best Tips for Hosting a Successful Dinner Party

Our Best Tips for Hosting a Successful Dinner Party

September 27, 2017

You love entertaining and welcoming guests into your home, although hosting a dinner party can sometimes be more stressful than fulfilling. Aera has your back! Here are some of our tips for how to host a memorable dinner party that your guests – and you – will enjoy!

The Invite: Nearly gone are the days of communicating by snail mail. Reset the bar by mailing invitations to your guests. Not only does this give a preview of what’s to come, it nearly guarantees their attendance, since no one in their right mind would “no show” or neglect an R.S.V.P. to a note delivered by post!

Table Seating: There are generally two mindsets when it comes to seating guests. The first is a Southwest Airlines-style open-seating free-for-all. The other is a premeditated algorithm of who will – and will not – be able to carry on a conversation with each other. However, we suggest a third option that is much more entertaining for host and guests: Number the chairs and then write them down on little pieces of paper. Let everyone draw out of a hat. An added bonus? It starts off the evening with a bit of excitement!

Wine: Running out of wine at a dinner party may be likened to a Greek tragedy. And this is something you can’t always trust your guests to help you out with. Solution: Estimate one-half bottle per person… And then double it “just in case”. Offer a selection of reds and whites, as well as a sparkling/bubbly choice (and non-alcoholic options too!)

Food: While it’s your house and your menu, there is one rule in picking what to serve: no maiden voyages. A dinner party is no time to try a new dish. Your go-to lasagna will out-do a badly burnt coq a vin any day. Also, variety is a good thing. 4-5 different dishes will ensure everyone at least gets 2 things they like.

Smells: Food smells belong in the kitchen. A nice home fragrance, though, belongs in the dining room. Scent has been shown to heighten our other senses, so when it comes to your guest’s experience, aim to enhance, rather than overwhelm. An adjustable home fragrance device is perfect for this. Might we suggest Aera?

Getting Them Home: You’ve just thrown an amazing dinner party and people are now finishing their glasses of wine and will soon be heading home. But just as it was your responsibility to provide delicious food and libations, it’s also your role to make sure they get home safely. Which means insisting that anyone who had more than two glasses throughout the evening gets in a taxi or Uber.

Go forth! Prepare the invites and start planning what to serve. It’s also a good time to consider which home fragrance will provide the perfect ambience. And always remember: you must have fun as well. A happy host ensures happy guests!

(photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/454863631086183829/)