10 Winter Activities for Kids that the Whole Family Will Enjoy

10 Winter Activities for Kids that the Whole Family Will Enjoy

December 5, 2023

By Morgan Egan


The temperature has dropped, the holiday lights are up, and everyone is taking in the magic of winter. And while there’s no suntanning or building sandcastles on the to-do list, there’s lots of fun things to do in winter. Take a look at our 10 winter activities to do with the family in these cold months. 


adult and child decorating gingerbread house

Bake Together

From gingerbread houses to sugar cookies for Santa, there is tons of delicious treats you and your family can bake during the winter months. Or buy premade dough and spend the afternoon decorating them with colorful icing and sprinkles. 

Want a scent to play while baking? Try Holiday Spice. 



paper snowflake decoration

Decorate the House with Homemade Decorations

    Save some money on storebought decorations and get the kids involved to help turn your house into a winter wonderland. Use paper and scissors to create snowflakes or make salt dough and cut out shapes to create homemade Christmas ornaments. The sky is the limit when it comes to homemade decorations! 

    Want a scent to play while decorating? Try Majestic Fir.  



    family looking at a museum exhibition

    Go to a Museum

      Bored of being stuck inside on a cold, snowy day? Take your family to a museum. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn something new, support your local community, and get out of the house for a few hours. Make a game out of it and ask everyone to share one fact they learned or visit the gift shop for a fun little souvenir.  



       two children in a blanket fort

      Build a Fort and Host a Movie Night

        Have your kids build a fort – bonus points if they make it extra cozy with soft pillows and blankets – and host a family movie night. It’s a great way to relax on a Friday evening, and the kids will be entertained creating the perfect fort.  

        Want a scent to play while hosting a movie night? Try Soft Pants.  



        child painting crafts

        Make Your Own Board Game

          Here’s a twist on an old favorite – family game night! Grab pizza boxes, markers, colorful paper, and a set of dice and create your own board game. You can even use items found around the house as game pieces. At the end, take turns playing everyone’s game, and crown the winner as the boardgame champion. 

          Want a scent to play while playing games? Try Winter Berry. 



          children finding clues outside

          Go on a Walking Scavenger Hunt

            Before going on a walk with your family, write down a list of things you might see. A bird? A pinecone? A snowman? Then have your kiddos mark off what they find while you’re out on your walk. Can they find everything on your list?  



            child giving adult a high five

            Volunteer in Your Community

              Teach your kids the importance of giving back by spending the day volunteering in your community. From animal shelters to food banks, there are lots of places that need your help. It’s also a great way to meet others in your area and get involved in your neighborhood.  



              kid painting adult's nails

              Have a Spa Day

                Take some much-needed R&R and give yourself a spa day. Get the kids involved and create a DIY face mask or go to the store and treat your children with their favorite nail polish. They’ll love getting their nails done too! 

                Want a scent to play while having your spa day? Try Deep Relax. 



                a table full of breakfast food

                Have Breakfast for Dinner

                  Tell your kids it’s ‘Backwards Day’ and make their favorite breakfast foods for dinner. From pancakes and French toast to bacon and eggs, changing up the dinner menu is a fun way to add pizzazz to your routine and warmth in the colder months.  

                  Want to play a scent while enjoying pancakes and eggs? Try Vanilla.



                  a plate of s'mores next to a cup of coffee

                  Eat Indoor S’mores

                    It may be too cold outside to make a bonfire, but you can still enjoy a delicious s’more indoors. Slowly broil (on low) marshmallows in the oven until they’re golden brown, and smush in between graham crackers and chocolate. Voila! The perfect indoor s’more!  

                    Want a scent to play while whipping up your own s’mores? Try Feu de Bois


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