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Jasmine, Muguet
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Vanilla, Sandalwood

A Boost of Natural Essential Oils

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Clary Sage

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MoodBoost™ is fragrance accords (certain combinations of raw fragrance ingredients) shown to activate areas of the brain connected to positive emotions when smelled. Each Wellness fragrances includes an accord proven to promote a particular feeling such as calm or happy. Brain hacks. Facts.

Lavender essential oil with its unique ability to help with migraine, stress, and anxiety will promote relaxation and improve sleep, leading to feeling more refreshed in the morning. Our lavender is sourced from the Provence region of France.

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Deep Relax Mini

Capsule Mini

Sleep & Tranquility

A vital part of the night-time ritual for those who struggle with sleep, have an overactive mind or suffer with night-time anxiety.


No. 247 Mini

Capsule Mini

A fresh, ‘just-cleaned’ scent that instantly picks up any room. Crisp, energizing pine, eucalyptus, and lavender is softened with dewy moss and musk.


Home Hygiene Lavender and Bergamot Mini

Capsule Mini

A peaceful lavender field soothes the soul. Hints of bright mandarin and bergamot complete the refreshing yet serene feeling.

Designed by: Master Perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel