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How Aera Works

Targets and removes odors using Microdroplet Technology.


Hypoallergenic and safe for you & your pets.

Fills a room evenly to freshen a space
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Continuous odor elimination, always noticable.

What Others Are Saying

Spoiler: They love it.


"Simple easy to use."

– Mikhail B.

"Nice to walk into the family room in the morning and it smells fresh, clean and lightly scented."

– Donna M.

"I have 3 large dogs and 2 cats. Since buying Aera you can't tell. Thank you for making my home smell so good."

– Angela I.

"This product is amazing it's not overpowering yet you can definitely smell the scent throughout the home."

– lashon

Target Specific Odor Problems

Start with the Aera diffuser then pick your problem odor.

GOOD Riddance Pet Odor

Knock out odors from pets and let the cool breeze in with this fresh, outdoorsy scent. It’s like living with the windows open all year-round.


GOOD Riddance Musty Odor

When mold and mildew take to the air, send in this bright, crisp scent to take aim on mustiness and let the sunshine in.


GOOD Riddance Smoke Odor

Lingering smoke odors in your home? This clean scent will refresh the atmosphere leaving the smell of a fresh start.


GOOD Riddance Cooking Odor

Return the kitchen to rights with this crisp, aromatic garden scent designed to freshen and remove residual cooking smells.

*Formerly known as GOOD Riddance Kitchen Odor.


The Magic of Aera


  • Hypoallergenic
  • No Harmful VOCs
  • No Residues


Fragrances designed by master perfumers using pure fragrance and essential oils.


No fragrance hot spots. Creates perfectly even and livable scented air in your room.

Aera Diffuser

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