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Odor Problem? Remove and refresh with Aera

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Diffuser with capsule

How Aera works

Targets and removes odors using Microdroplet Technology
Pawprint Hypoallergenic and safe for you & your pets
Fills a room evenly to freshen a space
Odor protection when you need it Continuous odor elimination, always noticable

What others are saying

Spoiler: they love it

"Simple easy to use."

Mikhail B. Mikhail B.
5 star review
"Nice to walk into the family room in the morning and it smells fresh, clean and lightly scented."
Donna M.
5 star review
"I have 3 large dogs and 2 cats. Since buying Aera you can't tell. Thank you for making my home smell so good."
Angela I.
5 star review
"This product is amazing it's not overpowering yet you can definitely smell the scent throughout the home."

Benefits of Aera

There's like, at least a dozen.