5 Dreamy Scents That Smell Like Fall

5 Dreamy Scents That Smell Like Fall

September 9, 2021


By Taira Anderson


Here in Seattle at Aera headquarters the leaves are just starting to change, and the evening air has a lovely crisp, coolness to it signaling the changing of the seasons. It won’t be long before the local farms open their pumpkin patches where we’ll all be searching for the perfect pumpkin to set on the front porch, hot spiced cider (or pumpkin spice latte) in hand.   

Fall is a season steeped in scent memories. From hayrides and apple orchards, to warm, bustling kitchens full of family and sweet smells of cookies and pies. We all have a scent story that is specific to this season, and there are many scents that can tell the story of fall. Whether you’re looking for a scent that can transport you to the pumpkin patch or the fireside, or a scent that can infuse the memories you make this fall with joy and coziness, we know you’ll love these 5 Aera fragrances that are perfect for celebrating the season.


1. Pumpkin Spice 

Embrace the best of fall with this buttery, pumpkin scent with hints of smooth vanilla and warming cinnamon and nutmeg. 

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2. Vanilla 

Classic and delicious, Vanilla will fill your home with the festive baked good vibes we all know and love.  

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3. Sandalwood 

Sandalwood is sublimely serene, like a long walk in autumnal woods. Smooth, woody notes and touch of warm oud will surely transport you.  

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4. Pear Brulée 

Inspired by the oh-so-yummy Pear Tarte Tatin, Pear Brulée is warm, inviting, and a little sweet – just like a festive friendsgiving 

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5. Moondance 

For a sophisticated experience try Moondance. This scent will captivate you with its blend of iris, amber, and tonka capturing the romantic magic of the fall season. 

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What are some of your favorite fall scents? Share some inspo in the comments below!  



Taira Anderson is a fragrance storyteller for Aera with a master’s degree in writing and a passion for olfaction. She knows the power of fragrance and the power of language woven together can transport us to our fondest memories, most mesmerizing places, and even to imaginary worlds.