5 Tips for Optimizing your Aera Fragrance Experience

5 Tips for Optimizing your Aera Fragrance Experience

July 24, 2017

Well done! You have your Aera and now you’re ready to create an amazing scented environment in your home. Here are some insider tips to optimize your Aera home fragrance experience:

1. When deciding where to place your Aera in a room, try lighting a match and watching the direction of the smoke to visualize the direction that your fragrance will flow to fill the space. Ensure a widespread scent effect by positioning Aera with plenty of overhead clearance and away from open windows and air conditioning units.

2. To determine the best scent level for your space, start scenting on a lower level first, then gradually increase. It’s best to "test" when you are not in the room, as the brain gets used a gradual increase in fragrance strength. For example: Set Aera at a level 2, leave the room for 15 minutes, then go back in and smell. If it is not strong enough, turn the scent up until it’s exactly as you want.

3. Higher scent level settings on Aera simply reflect a greater range of even scenting throughout a larger space. If you plan to scent a large portion of your home but are nervous about increasing the fragrance strength, don’t worry! Our fragrance dispersion technology is designed to scent evenly and consistently.

4. Place Aera on a solid surface, but note: the harder the surface, the louder your device may hum. This hum is merely a signal of Aera’s pump activating properly, but can be minimized through repositioning. For example, wood surfaces create a much less noticeable sound than glass.

5. To prolong the longevity of your fragrance capsules and ensure that you receive an optimized scenting experience, we recommend you use the AeraForHome app to create scent schedules for times when you are home and awake. For example, schedule Aera to start 15 minutes before you arrive home – so you are “greeted” with a fresh scent as soon as you walk in the door.

Happy Scenting!