Our Favorite Home Décor Trends

Our Favorite Home Décor Trends

October 3, 2017

Now that autumn is in full swing and the sun sets noticeably earlier, we’re all beginning to spend more time indoors. It's the perfect time to make a transition inside your home with a décor update. While Aera’s signature home fragrances can set the perfect mood in a living space, it's also fun to complement our scents with engaging home décor. This week, we asked our team: what home décor trends and interior design elements are you currently obsessed with?

Aera minimalist home decor trend

Candice: "I'm currently loving minimal design. After moving last fall and realizing the crazy amount of ‘stuff’ we had, we’ve really tried to simplify."

Aera jewel tones home decor trend

Rachel: "I live for color, so I’m very excited that jewel tones are coming in for 2018. Beige makes me sad."

Aera architectural home decor trend

Danielle: "Modern Urban. It’s all about artfully occupying space, using the architecture of a room as a palette (tall ceilings, exposed brick walls or plumbing, wooden beams), and then creating living areas within using recycled materials and objects, restored or handmade furniture, and unique and beautiful lighting features."

Aera geographic wallpaper home decor trend

Kelsey: "I've been thinking a lot about geometric wallpaper these days and what walls in my house should have them…"

Aera antique home decor trend

Natasha: "My tastes are more in traditional and antique-style designs. I like items around me to have lots of details and make me curious. Straight boxy designs are boring to me."

 Aera vintage floral home decor trend

Kmarie: "I love vintage florals because they evoke a nostalgic yet hopeful feeling. The art of vintage florals brings history to life in a way that is elegant, soft, and romantic."

Aera colorful wallpaper home decor trend

Ben: "I love that colorful wallpaper is making a comeback. Especially when it’s highlighted a bit subtly – one of my friends has an apartment where just one wall is wallpapered with pink palm fronds. It’s not overwhelming, but it draws your eye straight towards that side of the room. Wallpaper is a great creative tool for getting guests to look where you’d like." 

Aera surfer chic home decor trend

Eva: "Copper accents and banana leaf plants (the fiddle-leaf tree is so 2015!) give rooms a more earthy, DIY feeling. I made a copper pipe curtain rod in my bedroom and hung dusty blue linen curtains. The banana leaf plant rounds out my tropical/succulent plant obsession to give my apartment the lux surfer/spa vibe I’m actively trying to create!"

What are your favorite interior décor trends? Let us know in the comments – or, better yet, share a photo on our Facebook page!

(all images c/o Pinterest)