Introducing The Simplicity Collection

Introducing The Simplicity Collection

May 10, 2018

Often, it’s the simple pleasures that are most rewarding. A celebration of the familiar and authentic. The warmth of a treasured memory. Marvelously, it’s often scent that brings forth these deep feelings of contentment and happiness.

And that’s why we created Simplicity, a collection designed by world-class perfumers drawing from a palette of the finest ingredients.

These are six scents that are at once comforting and uplifting. Enchanting Natural Vanilla from the island of Madagascar. Sweet Cherry Blossom that’s the essence of spring. The elegant embrace of White Tea. 

Experiencing these scents, your thoughts are softly transported. Lavender takes you on a stroll through sunny fields of Provence. Sandalwood has you curled up in a cozy lakeside cabin. Citrus is a blissful day at the spa.

Discover the Simplicity Collection — you’ll love the way your home feels.


Bring your favorite scents to life. Just add color. Download our FREE Simplicity Collection printable coloring book: Click Here To Download!

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