Om for the Holidays

Om for the Holidays

November 15, 2020

By Diana Verduzco, The Divine Designer


The holidays are upon us! What is universally considered the most wonderful time of the year can also become the most stressful...especially amidst the current state of the world. So how do we celebrate the season, deck our halls and tap into that holiday spirit without losing our sanity? Now is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into your life – both spiritually and spatially. This article will serve as your high-vibrational checklist to creating a mindful and meditative space in which to spend your season. Because remember, peace on earth starts at home.

It’s easy to get swept up in the oh-so-contagious craze of shopping, gifting, and decorating. Before you set out to accomplish your to-do list, consciously allow yourself a few moments to breathe and reflect on the reality you truly want to create for yourself and your family. If necessary, re-write any patterns and narratives that need updating. Perhaps you spend an obsessive amount of time, money and energy every year over-booking, over-spending, and over-eating. Remind yourself that it’s okay to get back to basics if the alternative means compromising your inner peace. Tradition is a terrific thing, unless it starts to feel toxic.

As a spiritual interior designer and Feng Shui practitioner, I guide my clients toward understanding that your external space deeply influences your internal being, and vice versa. Because of this, when bringing anything new into your home, it is important that it is aligned with you on a soul level. During the holidays, the introduction of new items is amplified tenfold, from decorations to presents. A feeling of chaos, excess, and overwhelm is often the annual expectation, right? But it doesn’t have to be! Be a ruthless editor of your space, and only welcome in items that pass our favorite Marie Kondo filter, “Does this spark joy?”.


When decorating your home for the holidays, I would advise that you first develop a cohesive color scheme and overall vision. Play off of your existing interiors and exteriors – this will save you from having to remove or relocate all of the furniture in your home for the sake of an Instagram post. Create a Pinterest board and get inspired! It will keep you on track while you’re shopping. This year, I am all about the “Boho-ho-ho” concept, as jewel-tones and organic, sustainable décor reflect who I am and what my interior already speaks to. We don’t have to completely redo our spaces for the holidays; less can really be more. Use the style that you love year-round as a jumping off point for your holiday concepts.

Once you have an idea of what you want your home to look and feel like, the next step is to bring it all to life in the most peaceful and aligned way possible. For some of us, this means hiring holiday professionals to do the work for us. For me, this is totally the path of least resistance and the easiest way to achieve a stress-free, beautifully decorated home. On the other end of the spectrum - playing music and decorating with family is a fun and nostalgic tradition. Plus, there is something to be said about the energy that is created when you are hands-on within your space. Alternatively, sometimes not decorating at all and jetting off to a tropical island is the best option. Follow what feels good for YOU!


No matter how you choose to design your home for the holidays this year, make sure your ultimate intention is to design your reality. Schedule time for doing nothing, for relaxing, for bonding with loved ones, for meditation or yoga. Give to yourself, feed your soul, fill your cup, find your Om. Practice mindful cooking, take long walks, and treat yourself to luxurious baths. In Feng Shui, it’s all about balancing the elements around us and appealing to all of the physical senses. My favorite intuitive activity is to take inventory within every space:

• What am I seeing?
• What am I touching?
• What am I hearing?
• What am I tasting?
• What am I smelling?

One of the easiest ways to create a quick moment of serenity is to activate your senses. This season, my best Feng Shui tips for creating the ultimate sensory experience and home sanctuary are:

1. Set the mood with lighting. During the holidays, there are limitless opportunities for string lights, candles, luminarias and more. Lighting is a quick and easy way to create ambience in your home.

2. Appeal to your sense of touch by investing in cozy comforts like faux fur throw pillows, flannel sheets, or plush slippers and a soft bathrobe.

3. Holiday music has the ability to instantaneously put you in the spirit - Those catchy jingles, carols and melodies around a crackling fire are a truly sentimental part of the season. Having an Alexa, Nest, or speaker in each space playing soft music is highly recommended.

4. Food is an incredibly important aspect of this time of year. Baking and cooking favorite family recipes is an essential part of many holiday traditions. My Ayurvedic tip is to transition your diet into a winter menu. This means hot plates, warming spices and seasonal fruits and veggies. Feng Shui for your body!

5. During the holidays, scent is often considered to be the most nostalgic experience. From gingerbread houses to pine trees to pumpkin spice, we all have our favorite winter aromas. This season, my must-have item (to own and to gift) is the Aera Smart Diffuser. With so many incredible, mood-boosting scents, this is far and away the most essential, Feng-Shui approved product I have found. Snowfall, Holiday Spice and Deck the Halls from their Classic Christmas Collection are my can’t-live-without seasonal Aera scents. Sure to take you Om for the holidays!

Happy Holidays to all, I hope you enjoy a high-vibe season full of joy, light and love.

Diana Verduzco
The Divine Designer


Diana Verduzco is the Principal Designer and Spiritual Practitioner of Divine Design.