Orange Essential Oil – An Ingredient That Turns up the Happy 

Orange Essential Oil – An Ingredient That Turns up the Happy 

August 1, 2022


By Taira Anderson


Bright, sweet, fun and bursting with the feeling of summer sunshine -- orange essential oil brings an uplifting element to the composition of a fragrance and a smile to your personal space.  


The History  

Orange essential oil is derived from the peel, not the flesh, of oranges. While oranges seem common enough, stocked at every grocery store and adding a juicy freshness to our Sunday brunch mimosas, their origins lay in the tropics of Asia (namely the Malay Archipelago).    

Throughout the course of history, the popularity of the delectable fruit grew, spread by expanding Arab trade routes and the roiling Roman empire’s conquests. Oranges (the sweet ones our tastebuds are familiar with) didn’t arrive in Europe until the 16th century, brought by Portuguese traders. According to LitHub, no European word for the fruit or the color yet existed and oranges were referred to as “Golden Apples.” For much of history the sweet orange was almost exclusively consumed by royalty and was considered so divinely delicious that up until 1920 it was primarily eaten as a dessert. (Encyclopedia Britannica) 

Modern Day 

Today, oranges are cultivated all over the globe for their yumminess both in taste and smell. Verdant, vibrant orange groves can be found in Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, and the United States. The essential oil from oranges is cold-pressed from the rinds of oranges, creating a use for an otherwise discarded resource (three cheers for upcycling!). Aera fragrances proudly feature responsibly sourced, upcycled orange essential oil from the fragrance house Firmenich—identified as one of the world’s most ethical companies.    


The Benefits 

Orange essential oil boasts many benefits both for your well-being and for your home’s atmosphere. In perfumery, it’s known to give a fresh fruity start to the scent—bringing brightness and lift to the overall scent experience. It’s also known for its energizing, uplifting properties while simultaneously having a calming effect by reducing feelings of stress (Healthline). In short, orange essential oil is a sunny mood booster that’s good for a happy mind and a happy home. 


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Taira Anderson is a fragrance storyteller for Aera with a master’s degree in writing and a passion for olfaction. She knows the power of fragrance and the power of language woven together can transport us to our fondest memories, most mesmerizing places, and even to imaginary worlds.