Escape With Scent

Escape With Scent

May 18, 2020


Your summer travel plans may be cancelled, but don’t let that stop you from creating a memorable vacation in your own home. Embrace the power of scent and use it to take you places, of all the senses it’s the one with the most power to influence our mood.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go on an #AeraScentVacation with these six transportive scents:


Escape To The Beach

Ocean breezes drift in through open windows. Soft florals mingle with the sea air. Bliss.

Vacation with Beach House


Plunge Into A Tropical Paradise

An intoxicating bouquet of gardenia, ylang-ylang, and tuberose. Balance yourself with notes of pink grapefruit, violet leaf, and amber.

Vacation with Vibrance


Journey To The Mediterranean

Journey along the Mediterranean coast through the groves of juniper and oranges. The crisp scent of the sea is always close.

Vacation with Odyssey


Walk Through The Lavender Fields of Provence

French lavender in full bloom, fresh mandarin and bergamot. Calming and meditative.

Vacation with Lavender


Retreat To The Coastline

A cool sea spray on a wooded shore of cedar and sandalwood. Enhanced by the crisp and sensuous blend of citrus, cloves, and magnolia.

Vacation with Indigo



Open A Window To A Sunshiny Garden

Lush spring foliage. A fresh, nature-inspired fragrance with cooling effervescent notes of basil and eucalyptus.

Vacation with Happy Green


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