Aroma is therapy

Aera + Aromatherapy Associates London

Aroma is Therapy


Deep Relax

Revive Morning

Transform a space into a feel good space

Odor protection when you need it

De-Stress Mind

Odor protection when you need it

Support Breathe

Aroma is therapy

Aromatherapy that works for you

Using Aera is Simple

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Plug it in

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Put in a capsule

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Breathe deeply

Aroma is therapy


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Pioneers of aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Associates London, were some of the first to study the benefits of pure essential oils. Their 30 years of experience creating exacting blends have made them the go-to for those serious about health and well-being. Found in homes and luxury spas around the world, they are now the exclusive aromatherapy brand for Aera.

"It's made a big difference in how I immediately feel when I walk through the door."
"It boosts my mood every time I catch the scent emitting, like it's reminding me to breathe!"
"It's always ready. There's nothing you need to add, like water or essential oils, and no messy cleanup."
Aroma is therapy

My happy place scheduled.

With Aera Smart you can pre-program an aromatherapy blend to play automatically. Another way to make sure you never forget to take care of you.

Aroma is therapy

A revolutionary evolution in aromatherapy.