An alluring, irresistible warm embrace. Luxurious notes of amber, tonka and vanilla infused with guaiac wood. All brightened up by notes of bergamot, iris and honeysuckle. Pure elegance.


Iris & Amber

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As part of our commitment to sustainability we’ve updated our full-size Aera fragrance capsules and fragrance capsule packaging to reduce our environmental impact.

Expect to start seeing these new fragrance capsules and updated packaging roll out over the next few months!

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A beckoning fragrance that is both fresh and warm, like a playful dance between the shadows and the light. A sparkling bergamot mist rises behind a full moon as mysterious amber and exotic woods float by on an autumn breeze. The night is illuminated by glowing, purple iris and follows down a path of dark spices, and alluring patchouli.

- Principle Perfumer, Sabine de Tscharner

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Our perfumers use only safe and ethically responsible ingredients of the highest quality to craft our home fragrances. To this end they use a combination of man-made molecules and botanicals, also known as essential oils. All our fragrances are cruelty-free, vegan and sustainably sourced.

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