Imbue your room with its own natural beauty

Aera x Agraria San Francisco
Adjust the strength as you see fit

Perfect Scent

Swap out fragrances. They’ll always smell as good as they did on day 1.

Clean and purse scent

Perfect Strength

Adjust it up or down to just how you like it in your room.

Schedule your sessions

Perfect Timing

Create schedules and control the scent in your home from anywhere.

Classic Elegance

Aera's unique diffuser fills your room with clean, safe scent. The finishing touch to fine home design: the Aera diffuser and Agraria's equisite home fragrances.

Every room should be so beautiful

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Created by those with an eye for design for those with a nose for beauty

As interior designers, Agraria founders Stanford Stevenson and Maurice Gibson envisioned fragrant products as essential design elements for their clients' San Francisco homes. They felt certain that "No great home is ever completely decorated until it has its most important accessory – home fragrance."

You’ll need to get used to everyone asking why your home smells so good.

Aera Diffuser Device

Aera Diffuser

For medium to large-sized rooms. Works with iOS Works with Android Works with Alexa

Aera Smart Diffuser
60 Day Money-back Guarantee
Fragrances sold separately.
Aera Mini Diffuser Device

Aera Mini Diffuser

For small to medium-sized rooms. Works with iOS Works with Android Works with Alexa

Aera Touch Diffuser
60 Day Money-back Guarantee
Works only with Aera Mini fragrance capsules. Fragrances sold separately.

Choose when a room comes to life

If there is fragrance in a room and no one is there to smell it, is it still fragrant? It shouldn't be! Aera's smart app lets you control and schedule your home fragrance from anywhere in the world. Conserve fragrance by only playing it when you're home and awake to enjoy it.

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Perfect scent. Always.

Perfectly noticeable, perfectly consistent, perfectly simple.

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