Eco Cap FAQ

Why do my Aera fragrance capsules look different?

As part of our commitment to sustainability we’ve updated our full-size Aera fragrance capsules and fragrance capsule packaging to reduce our environmental impact.

Expect to start seeing these new fragrance capsules and updated packaging roll out over the next few months!

Our new full-size capsules:

  • Use 30% less materials
  • Reduce shipping weight by 25%
  • Are recyclable in mixed recycling

Our new capsule packaging is:

  • 100% Sustainable
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • FSC Certified

Why does my fragrance capsule still have the old top?

Expect to start seeing the new full-size Aera fragrance capsules and updated fragrance packaging roll out over the next few months as we phase out of our current supplies. During this time, you may receive some fragrances with and some fragrances without these changes. Both have fresh fragrance oil and will work in any full-size Aera diffuser.

Do the new fragrance capsules work the same as the old ones?

These new capsules work identically to the ones you’ve used in the past and are designed to fit any full-size Aera diffuser.

Can I recycle the new fragrance capsules?

All our fragrance capsules are recyclable. Simply place the new full-size Aera fragrance capsules in a mixed recycling bin.

Are the new fragrance capsules refillable?

No. The capsules are sealed and cannot be refilled.