How Aera is Different

Safe and Odor Eliminating

The Magic of Aera Why Our Fragrances Are Better

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The Magic of Aera

Aera diffuses fragrance using ultra-tiny microdoplets. It's clean, safe and hypoallergenic. Oh, and it naturally eliminates odors too!

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Why it smells so good


Made With Good Stuff

100% ethically and sustainably sourced high-quality fragrance and essential oils.


Fragrance in Full Bloom

Complete fragrance compositions. Top, middle and bottom notes release all at once.


No Fading or Changing

Fragrance stays consistently beautiful from day one to day sixty-one.


Sophisticated and Livable

Unique home fragrances designed by master perfumers.


Happy Noses Everywhere

Play any scent in any room and any time. All from your phone! Aera and Aera Mini connect over WiFi to scent large and small spaces and can have up to 20 scent schedules each. Smell a different fragrance or essential oil scent in each room.

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