Botanicals: The Key to Beautifully Smelling Fragrance

Botanicals: The Key to Beautifully Smelling Fragrance

February 1, 2024

By Morgan Egan


Think of your favorite fragrance. Does it have a crisp, green scent? What about a warm vanilla? Or even a fruity, floral scent? Most of the time, these scents are created using botanical ingredients, which are varied in scent and can give a fragrance a whole host of different facets and notes. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite botanicals, and how they play a key role in our home fragrances. Read on to learn more.  

a room full of potted plants

What are botanicals? 

Botanicals are ingredients made or obtained from plants. Examples of botanicals include everything from roots, and flowers, to leaves and even resin! It’s also a huge part of perfumery, as many of the ingredients found in scents are created from botanical ingredients.  


Orange tree close-up


Found in: Lilac Daydream 

It may be surprising to know that orange oil is in another spring favorite, Lilac Daydream. It’s even a top note!  

A top note is the top layer of the fragrance, aka, what you can smell first when the fragrance is sprayed. Orange oil is commonly used as a top or middle note in fragrances, giving them that zesty, invigorating scent.  

In Lilac Daydream, the orange’s tangy and fresh notes heighten the crispness of the green and floral notes, evoking a dew-kissed spring morning in a garden.  


Clary Sage plant close up

Clary Sage 

Found in: Home Hygiene Citrus and Sage 

Clary sage is known for its deeper tones of amber and balsamic, along with lighter lavender notes.  

These notes harmonize well with other floral and citrus scents like bergamot, lavender, lime, and chamomile.  

In our Home Hygiene Citrus and Sage fragrance, the clary sage pairs well with the citrus, introducing crisp and herbal tones that will help make any home smell clean and fresh. 


Bowl of resin

Copaiba Brazil 

Found in: Home Hygiene Linen and Lemon 

What is Copaiba Brazil you ask? It’s a resin characterized by a mild-woody scent with slight spicy and peppery notes.  

It also blends well with citrus, woody, and floral ingredients. In Home Hygiene Linen and Lemon, the Copaiba adds dimension and depth to the scent, creating an overall complexity and allure.  


Geranium bush close up


Found in: Home Hygiene Geranium 

There’s nothing like walking past a garden bed full of blooming geraniums. The smell is fresh and floral, with green and slight lemon facets. It’s reminiscent of rose and carnation blossoms with a touch of freshly cut herbs.  

In Home Hygiene Geranium, it is both gentle and energizing, creating a fresh vitality to the fragrance.  


Any of your favorite botanicals make the list?