Hosting a Party: 6 Easy Tips For Being a Good Host

Hosting a Party: 6 Easy Tips For Being a Good Host

October 31, 2023

By Morgan Egan


From birthdays to your annual holiday party, you’ve already done your fair share of hosting. And while the party itself is full of fun, organizing such an event can be frustrating and stressful. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you make the most of your hosting so you can plan the party of the year without pulling your hair out.  


Plan ahead 

To help alleviate any stress on the day of your party, it helps to plan ahead. Some ideas include writing your grocery list the week before, making your food ahead of time, or even laying out your decorations days before the actual event. 

This will help ease any stress on the day of the party, which means you have more energy to enjoy the amazing party you put together.  


Woman putting cheese on charcuterie board

Don’t go overboard with the cooking 

Unless your party centers around a new cake recipe you’ve been dying to try out, keep it simple. Cooking can be stressful at the best of times, so plan a delicious, easy to make, menu that your guests will enjoy. 

Chips and dips, charcuterie boards, and oven-baked finger foods are a great way to keep guests full without spending all day in the kitchen. Better yet, ask your friends to bring their favorite dishes over for a friendly potluck. Your guests don’t want you stressed out either, and will be more than happy to help.  


pastel party streamers

Set the mood with music, decorations (and scent!) 

You don’t have to spend major dollars to create a fun and festive vibe. Use warm, ambient lighting, and remember to play some tunes in the background. If your party has a specific theme, have fun with the playlist. As well, a bouquet of flowers and some streamers go a long way to making a space feel more festive.  

For added vibes, make sure to play a fun fragrance too! It’s a great way to set the mood and will make sure your space is a great vibe for your guests. Not sure what scent to go for? If you’re hosting a dinner party, we recommend the alluring and elegant Moondance. If it’s a daytime event, Beach House is a perfect fresh and blissful scent for your space.   


two red cocktails with an herb sprig

Have a signature cocktail 

You don’t have to hire out a bar for your party. To keep it simple, create one signature drink for everyone to try. It can even be made in large quantities ahead of time (like a sangria), for even easier hosting, or you can leave out the ingredients and instructions for your guests to make it themselves.  


A group of people toasting around a table

Invite a variety of people 

It’s true – the more, the merrier! Don’t be afraid to invite people from different groups in your life, just remember to introduce everyone when they get to the party.  

Inviting a variety of people can add that special spark to your party as everyone gets to know each other. And who knows, you might help your guests make new friends!  


Woman serving salad at a party

Have fun! 

You’ve worked hard to make sure your party is perfect – so remember to enjoy it. 

And if something goes wrong, don’t sweat it. Accidentally burnt the main course? Everyone loves pizza delivery. Didn’t have time to put up the decorations? Your house is beautiful as it is. Your guests will be happy with whatever you come up with and will understand if something doesn’t go 100% perfect.  


Now, go have fun dreaming up your perfect party! 



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Morgan is a copywriter and content creator for Aera. When she’s not writing about all things fragrance, she can be found with her fluffy feline companion with a good book and hot cup of tea.