How To Create a Cozy, Hygge Home for the Holidays

How To Create a Cozy, Hygge Home for the Holidays

October 18, 2018


Just in time for the holiday season, we’re excited to welcome our newest collection - the Aera Hygge Holiday Collection. Pronounced ‘HOO-ga’, and inspired by the Danish word for “a sense of well-being, comfort and togetherness,” the Hygge Holiday Collection captures the true spirit of the holidays.

Whether you enjoy the smell of fresh snow, or the warm and comforting notes of holiday spices, there is a fragrance for everyone (and every home!) in the Hygge Holiday Collection:


WINTER LIGHT: Outdoorsy, invigorating, fresh

Inspired by the peace found in nature. An invigoratingly fresh scent reminiscent of an early morning walk through the pines. Notes of Noble Fir, White Freesia and Cedarwood. 


WOVEN HEARTS: Warm, sensual, comforting

Inspired by the love expressed through handmade gifts. A comforting scent evoking the feeling of snuggling up to the sounds of the hearth and conversation. Notes of Madagascar Vanilla, Bourbon and Soft Woods.


KITH & KIN: Cheer, spice, liveliness

Inspired by the joy which comes from connecting with loved ones. A cheery scent, which conjures a lively gathering of friends and family around a holiday table. Notes of Orange Zest, Holiday Spices and Soft Wood.


Each fragrance capsule is filled with enough fragrance oil to play for up to 1400 hours, depending on the scent level – learn more about the fragrances and diffusers here.

 The complete set of the Limited Edition Hygge Holiday fragrances are packaged together in our Hygge Holiday Gift Set for you to enjoy at your whim or give as a gift. In addition to implementing the Hygge Collection to your holiday season, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to create an inviting, cozy, hygge home and mindset for the holidays:


  1. Furniture – Seating is a must for getting cozy. Create more intimacy in your living space by using a mix of furniture pieces such as a love seat, a fluffy ottoman, and a comfortable couch or lounge chair. Plush, velvet fabrics add even more warmth and encourage relaxation and conversation.


  1. Lighting – Stay away from stark, overhead lighting and use soft lighting to create a peaceful, serene setting. Rather than using candles or a fireplace, which can be extreme fire hazards for your home, opt for flameless lanterns and twinkle lights for the same moody effect. Look for warm-light LED and incandescent lights with dimmers and timers so you can schedule your lights and Aera diffuser to turn on at the same time, a win-win. Diffuse Sandalwood and our other woody fragrances for the ultimate faux fireplace fragrance experience.


  1. Comfort – Coziness is essential for a hygge home. Create a “nest”, as the Danish like to say. Pile your furniture with quilts, blankets and pillows and add layers of cushions. Also consider texture - use fuzzy warm fabrics (think merino wool or faux sheepskin) for an indulgent hygee experience.


  1. Nature – Forage for your décor! Bring nature indoors by filling your home with plants and natural elements like tree branches, pinecones, sprigs of greenery and more. We love these DIY pinecone décor and DIY branch


  1. Color – Using a neutral color palette in your home helps encourages a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere, perfect for creating the feeling of hygge in your home. Try tones of grey, brown, white and cream. Be sure to also think about color when selecting your hygge holiday home décor.


  1. Simplicity – Hygee is in simplicity. Remove excess clutter and focus on a minimalistic living space. The Aera Simplicity Collection fragrances are the perfect addition to creating a fresh smelling, hygee home year-round. Also, look up #aerasimplicitychallenge on Instagram for more inspiration on simple living.


  1. Finally, hygee is all about togetherness with loved ones. Have a game night, host an intimate dinner party, do holiday DIY crafts, bake cookies or watch a movie with those who mean most to you. Use these hygee rituals for inspiration. 


We’d love to see your holiday home décor and how you’re implementing hygee touches throughout your home. Share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #AeraHyggeHoliday and you’ll be entered to win the Hygee Holiday Collection.

 Also, check out our Hygee Holiday Pinterest board and stay tuned for a Pinterest contest coming in November!

 Have a very, merry Hygge Holiday!