How To Stay Connected During Social Distancing

How To Stay Connected During Social Distancing

April 7, 2020


We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days. For some, crossing out all of those planned happy hours and events may bring joy. For others, this social distance between friends & family may be the hardest part of staying home.

Humans are wired to connect, and our need for social connection has been proven to be just as fundamental as our need for food and water. Connecting with family and friends will help to curb that cabin fever and brighten up your days.

You know that list of people you’ve been meaning to reach out to, or get together with? Now is the perfect time to reach out. They are in need of some human connection, too!

Thanks to technology, there are endless ways for us to connect with one another virtually. We asked our team to share their favorite new ways to stay connected during social distancing:


Alison: House Party is a super app that allows you to play games with friends, without actually leaving the house. It’s especially great if you are wanting to do more than just sit and talk, ‘Trivia’ and ‘Chips and Guac’ are two of my favorite games.

Juan: Jqbx lets you DJ music for and with your friends remotely, synced up using Spotify premium. Perfect for a virtual dance party with your friends, or sharing a playlist with your coworkers!

Sandra: Our friends have been having fun with Netflix Party, which allows you to watch a movie together with friends and chat about it along the way. A group of us even matched our cocktails to the theme of the movie.

Candice: Marco Polo is a great app for more spontaneous video check-ins with one person or a group and I love that you can carry on conversations over time!

Natasha: I love Zoom. It’s not just for work, you can host everything from virtual Happy Hours to Birthday Parties. Fun Tip: Play with the backgrounds.

Jordan: Jackbox Games, a collection of party games with something for everyone, available on nearly every platform and your phone is already your controller. The games set you up with scenarios that get your friends and family to respond with clever and funny answers that'll keep you talking about it for days afterward.

Rachel: Pick Up The Phone! Skip the apps and just pick up the phone. Commit to checking in with 3 people daily with a text or phone call.


And of course, as always, remember scent has a real impact on our wellbeing too. So while you’re at it, take a minute to make sure your Aera Smart Diffuser is connected. If you need assistance, we’re here ready to connect with you as well!