Mastering Home Fragrance: 4 Tips to Make Scents Last Longer

Mastering Home Fragrance: 4 Tips to Make Scents Last Longer

April 5, 2024

By Morgan Egan


Want to enjoy your home fragrances for as long as possible? Here are four tips that will help your scents last longer. 


Consider what diffuser to use 

When looking for the right diffuser for your home, consider the different types of diffusion technology out there. 

Water-based diffusers – These diffusers use water to diffuse small water molecules filled with fragrance oil. The water molecules are bigger and heavier, which means a lot of fragrance will be used to usually only scent a small section around the diffuser. These types of diffusers are more widely available but may not help if you want a fragrance to last a long time or fill a room.  

Heat diffusers – Heat diffusers are similar to water diffusers but use heat to create evaporation of the fragrance oil. Heat diffusers are usually affordable, but because of the heat used, the fragrance molecules can change, which means the scent can be vastly different than from what you bought. 

Microdroplet™ diffuser – Unlike other diffusers, microdroplet™ diffusers (like Aera) use advanced technology to create ultra-tiny fragrance droplets – 100 times smaller than the average aerosol droplet. This means these diffusers don’t use a lot of fragrance oil, which means your scent will last longer. 

Also, because of the small size of the ultra-fine fragrance droplets, they instantly burst, releasing all the fragrance ingredients at once. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the fragrance as it was intended, with the lighter and heavier elements of the scent diffusing at once. The fragrance molecules then integrate into the air, creating an enveloping scent experience. There’s no fading or changing scent – no matter how long you diffuse for.  


Use the right sized diffuser for your space  

Make sure to use the right sized diffuser for your space. You may find that if you’re using the wrong sized diffuser, your fragrance will be working extra hard to give off a scent that may not be that noticeable. Not only does that impact the smell of your space, but it wastes precious fragrance in the process.  

For larger spaces like living rooms, try to find a larger diffuser, or use multiple smaller diffusers for the same room. For smaller rooms, go for smaller diffusers, as using a big diffuser for a small space could overwhelm the room and waste unnecessary extra fragrance.  




Only use the diffuser when you’re at home and awake

If you’re going away on a trip, or even just for the day, make sure to turn your diffuser off. This way, it won’t be wasting fragrance when you aren’t home to smell it. The same is true before going to bed. While it’s lovely to fall asleep to a calming scent, if you want your fragrance to last as long as possible, make sure to turn it off before falling asleep. That way, you can save your fragrance for when you are awake and can smell it. 

Better yet, look for a smart diffuser that lets you program your own fragrance schedules. That way you can have it diffusing when you need it, saving fragrance from being used when no one is around to smell it. You can also program a sleep schedule, so you can still fall asleep to fragrance, and let it shut off when you are sleeping.  


Strength levels  


Each fragrance is unique, with different ingredients that can create scents that are stronger than others. Keep this in mind when you’re searching for a signature fragrance. 

 If you love strong scents and use a lighter fragrance, you may find yourself trying to use more fragrance to make up for the scent, which means you’ll run out of the fragrance faster.  

On the other hand, if you find a strong fragrance, you may not have to use it as much, as the fragrance is able to carry across your space at the level that you like. 


Looking for the perfect diffuser? We recommend Aera.  


If you’re looking for a diffuser that easily hits all the above marks, then we recommend Aera. It’s the only diffuser on the market with patented micro-droplet technology that diffuses beautiful, clean scent into the air – without using up tons of fragrance oil. This means you get all the scent, with no waste. 

Also, because of the microdroplets, Aera’s scent is hypoallergenic and safe for children and pets (when used as directed!). 

Aera comes in two different sizes – one for large spaces like living rooms, or open plan apartments, and one for smaller spaces, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices. This gives you the freedom to choose based on your room size, and accurately scent your home according to the space.  

You can also adjust the scent levels from your diffuser or via the app. This makes it easy to turn up the fragrance when you want a stronger scent and turn it down when you’d rather have it on subtly in the background.  

From the app, you can also schedule when you’d like your diffuser to turn on and off, which means it won’t play when you’re not at home to smell it. Instead, you’ll be able to fall asleep and wake up to your favorite scent with no wasted fragrance – how cool is that?  


Finding the right diffuser can be tricky, especially if you want the fragrance to last a long time. With these tips, your home will be transformed into a haven filled with your favorite fragrance.