Crisp Breeze for Go

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Notes of Watery & Violet Leaf


Feel the exhilaration of a drive through the countryside with the top down. Crisp, modern, and fresh, your drive will invigorate with this dewy fragrance accented with aromatic notes of spearmint and violet leaves. Simply a breath of fresh air.

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Crisp Breeze is inspired by cycling in the mountains with the morning dew and the scent of other natural elements in the air. It's a scent that reconnects us with nature to boost happiness, kindness and positive emotions.

- Scent Designer, Raymond Matts

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Our perfumers use only safe and ethically responsible ingredients of the highest quality to craft our home fragrances. To this end they use a combination of man-made molecules and botanicals, also known as essential oils. All our fragrances are cruelty-free, vegan and sustainably sourced.

Crisp Breeze Ingredients