Crisp Breeze for Go

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Notes of Watery & Violet Leaf


Feel the exhilaration of a drive through the countryside with the top down. Crisp, modern, and fresh, your drive will invigorate with this dewy fragrance accented with aromatic notes of spearmint and violet leaves. Simply a breath of fresh air.

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Channel the essence of post-mountain-hike relaxation. Fresh air, spearmint, and violet leaf notes dance with the woody tones of pine and cedarwood, immersing you in the embrace of nature. Crisp Breeze encapsulates the energy of the great outdoors.

- Claudia Bognanni, Aera Fragrance Development

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Our perfumers use only safe and ethically responsible ingredients of the highest quality to craft our home fragrances. To this end they use a combination of man-made molecules and botanicals, also known as essential oils. All our fragrances are cruelty-free, vegan and sustainably sourced.

Crisp Breeze Ingredients