Aromatherapy Benefits for Ultimate Self-Care

Aromatherapy Benefits for Ultimate Self-Care

January 9, 2024

By Morgan Egan



It’s the end of a long day, and all you can think about is unwinding in a warm bath. For an added dose of calm, you add lavender oil to the foaming bubbles, creating an extra soothing bathing experience. And, did you know, while you’re soaking away in your lavender-scented space, you’re also experiencing amazing aromatherapy benefits? Aromatherapy is more than just creating a delicious smelling-space (though we do love that as well). Keep reading to learn more about the different benefits of aromatherapy oils.  

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What is aromatherapy? 

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment using 100% essential oils. These oils create scents that are known to influence mood and emotions. You can use the oils topically like with a massage or inhale the scent (with your favorite aromatherapy diffuser). 

Aromatherapy has been around for about 3500 years, with modern pioneers crafting blends to create a whole host of benefits. Our friends at Aromatherapy Associates of London have been crafting 100% essential oil blends for over 30 years, using only the highest concentrations of natural ingredients.

 Aera MoodBoost Home Fragrances

Aromatherapy + Science 

Aromatherapy on its own has an amazing host of benefits. MoodBoost™ goes one step further, with blends scientifically tested to help enhance specific emotions. For example, Spa La La contains a MoodBoost™ fragrance accord proven to activate the brain’s limbic system stimulating relaxation, promoting a calm feeling and lowering stress. It’s just another way to smell your way to a new you!  


Ingredients for ultimate self-care 

With each essential oil comes a whole host of amazing benefits. Here are some of our favorites!  

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To Boost Your Mood: 

It’s time to look on the bright side. These essential oils will help give you a sunnier disposition, and maybe even turn you into a glass-half-full kind of person.  


Sweet Orange Oil: Orange oil can boost your mood and energize you. It promotes happiness and encourages an uplifting, motivating feeling. It’s like your own personal sunshine! 

Found in: Sun’s Out 


Juniper Berry Oil: Juniper Berry can make you feel energized, refreshed, and uplifted. Forget coffee, it’s the perfect scent for an early morning boost. 

Found in: Revive 


Bergamot Oil: This uplifting scent is known to trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which will leave your emotions more regulated and your mind more at peace.  

Found in: Optimism


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For Stress-Management and Relaxation:  

Forget expensive spa-days – these essential oils will have you relaxing your shoulders and saying, “ahhhh.”  


Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is known to help with stress and promote relaxation. It’s the ultimate accompaniment to a stress-free evening.  

Found in: Pillow Plans 


Sandalwood Oil: Sandalwood oil promotes calmness, lowers stress, and improves sleep quality with its anxiolytic (reduce anxiety) properties. Sweet dreams! 

Found in: Soft Pants, Deep Relax 


Marjoram Oil: Marjoram oil has a relaxing and soothing effect, helping to ease any stress or anxiety. Time to rest easy.  

Found in: Bliss 

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Clear the Mind: 

Tame the whirlwind of thoughts and give your mind the space for clarity with these essential oils.  


Spearmint Oil: A key ingredient to improve mental clarity and enhance memory. Skip the caffeine spike – spearmint's refreshing scent is an energy boost for the body and mind.  

Found in: Spa, La, La 


Cypress Oil: This grounding essential oil encourages you to breathe more deeply and feel more relaxed. Breathe in. Breathe out. Namaste.  

Found in: Forest Therapy 


Frankincense: Frankincense oil helps boost concentration and is also known as the filing cabinet for the brain. It’s like your own personal assistant.  

Found in: De-Stress Mind 


Eucalyptus: Feeling a bit stuffy? Eucalyptus’ decongesting properties will keep your nose clear and your breathing fresh.  

Found in: Support Breathe