Aera Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Aera Holiday Gift Guide 2023

November 6, 2023

By Morgan Egan


Need help finding the perfect gift? Take a look at our Holiday Gift Guide for all the inspo you need!  


person in fuzzy socks and sweat pants holding a cup of coffee

For those who love to relax 


person driving a car on a long stretch of road

For those always on the go 


woman holding a puppy

For those with furry friends 


friends toasting around a table

For those who love to entertain 


Aera full-size and mini diffuser on a marble countertop

For those new to the world of Aera 


a closeup of a bakery counter full of delicious pastries

For the foodies 


tall palm trees against a bright pink sunset

For those who’d love a tropical escape 


women taking a yoga class

For the yoga enthusiast 


man with watch walking up a grand staircase

For the mysterious and alluring 


man resting on a rock while hiking

For the adventurous  




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Morgan is a copywriter and content creator for Aera. When she’s not writing about all things fragrance, she can be found with her fluffy feline companion with a good book and hot cup of tea.